Working Smarter, Grow Your Business with Myers

In an ever-evolving housing market, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for contractors to set themselves apart from the competition, connect with new customers and maintain a technological edge.

At Myers, we support our contractors in growing their business through efficiency, product offerings and added benefits that give them a distinct advantage in the market. Our Advantage+ Program does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you more time and support to focus on growing your business.

Learn more about how our Advantage+ Program can help you advance your business.

What We Offer

We know you may wear many different hats, and we are here to help increase workplace efficiency. Job support with the Advantage+ Program, including our Myers app, allows you to maintain a productive work pace, even when you’re not on the jobsite.

When you order through our app, you get billing and invoice access, up-to-date promotions, real-time delivery tracking and photos of your items during the shipping process. With the Myers app, our clients have less stressful and more productive projects.

Grow with Your Business

Business growth can bring new challenges and needs. The Advantage+ Program helps grow your business by offering comprehensive project support. Our program includes:

  • Project management assistance
  • Customer communication tools
  • Marketing materials
  • Website development

We know your client’s expectations are always changing and a successful business is about more than just high-quality products. Business tracking isn’t as glamorous as client connections and new builds, but it drives greater long-term success.

Our program offers quick access to lead conversions, financing, estimating solutions and payment tracking. You can keep track of your business prospects and new customers in real-time with our online tools.

Train and Educate Your Team

In addition to business tracking, the Advantage+ Program offers customizable team training to help your team grow with your business. Our team training focuses on industry specifics to address your day-to-day challenges in both classroom workshops and hands-on professional seminars.

With your whole team working from the same foundation, you will quickly see an increase in workplace efficiency.

The Advantage+ Program courses will help you and your team stand out. Courses include:

  • Employee development
  • Minimize expensive trial and error
  • Improve customer service
  • Run your company more efficiently
  • Increase profitability
  • AIA accredited courses

Advantage+ Program is the construction tool kit needed to help grow your business, made by the people who get it. If you’re interested in growing your business and need support, contact a Myers specialist today to find out more about our Advantage+ Program.