Window Designs That Will Wow Your Clients

Learn More About the Latest Energy Efficient Window Designs

As more homeowners commit to living greener lifestyles, they are looking for more energy-efficient products during home remodeling projects. Window upgrades are one option that you can recommend to clients that will match their desire for a modern home while increasing energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient windows are now offered at a variety of price points, so you can rest assured that your clients are getting a quality product from manufacturers like Marvin Windows & Doors.

Read on to learn about the latest energy-efficient window solutions.

Protect the Environment, Protect Your Home

Marvin Windows & Doors has expanded their product line to ensure you can offer your clients solutions that fit their unique needs. You can expect improved performance and more energy efficient windows to meet more stringent building codes.

To achieve greater energy efficient results, Marvin Windows & doors use metallic coatings referred to as Low Emissivity or Low E are applied to one or all four surfaces of double pane insulating glass, creating energy efficient results for the window.

Windows for Any Climate

No matter where your clients live, Marvin Windows & Doors can supply the right windows to keep the inside of your home cozy and the cold outside. Marvin offers different glass types for the four different climate zones in the United States.

For Northern zones like Maine and Washington, the Low E metallic coating helps absorb the solar heat from the sun and retain it in the building, increasing energy efficiency and creating a more comfortable home in winter months.

For Southern climate zones, solar heat is blocked or reflected out of the building, reducing cooling costs, especially in summer months.

Get the Look Your Clients Want

With Marvin Windows & Doors, your clients won’t sacrifice design for function. All Marvin windows come in a variety of colors and finishes so your client can stay on-trend in their renovation project.

For 2020, narrow framed casement and picture windows are gaining popularity with homeowners looking for a more contemporary design. They also allow more visible light to enter into the home. Black and bronze exteriors are also on the renovation wish lists for many homeowners, along with painted interiors to match.

In addition to style, clients can get unique features on their Marvin windows. Built-in screens can be raised or lowered for fresh air while keeping insects out, or you roll the screens up into the window head for a clean modern look. Marvin also offers disappearing blinds for privacy that can roll out of the way to allow maximum visible light.

With all the options from Marvin Windows & Doors, Myers guarantees you will find something for any client. Schedule an appointment today with a Myers Window & Door Specialist to help you navigate the product line.