Standout from Your Competition with Myers

The Custom Tool Kit to Set Your Business Apart

At Myers, we have established the Advantage+ Program designed just for pros! All designed to help set you apart from your competition while supporting your ability to increase profitability and freeing up time to deliver the best service to your customers.

The Advantage+ Program allows you to create a higher level of professionalism and exceed expectations by having improved reporting and tracking tools right at your fingertips.

Learn how the Myers Advantage + Program can help you grow your business today.

Meet the Custom Advantage + Tool Kit

Our program is designed with the latest technology to help you run your business smoothly while growing for the future. The Myers App is the perfect tool designed for busy pros — it’s like having a project manager at every jobsite in your pocket.

The Myers App includes real-time delivery tracking with photos and item lists for proof of delivery. You never have to worry about waiting for billing documents. The app has instant access to invoices, monthly statements, promotions and special offers from Myers and its manufacturing partners.

Reach Your Audience Effectively

An important part of setting yourself apart from the competition is through smarter marketing. Your Web Pro is an excellent marketing resource that is designed to help you set up a professional marketing presence quickly and easily.

Your Web Pro helps professionals just like you design and maintain websites and manage related marketing tactics. A properly managed website can help you build your brand within your core communities, target a wider footprint and help generate new leads.

With 30 years of experience, Your Web Pro is an industry expert in web creation and related marketing. Your Web Pro’s convenient website offers the following features for your webpage:

  • “About Us” section for your company
  • Client testimonials area
  • Contact us form
  • Estimate request form
  • Image gallery for your project images
  • The ability to easily archive job pictures
  • Full product catalog & warranty information
  • Unlimited management & support
  • Meta tags for your business city
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Start showcasing your work today on your brand-new website!

Let Your Work Speak for Itself 

Another key component of Advantage + Program is Project Map It, a digital portfolio for your projects. The app allows you to map locations of finished projects on your website with a photo gallery for each project by address.

Highlighting photos of your work reinforces your expertise. Project Map It doesn’t stop there. You can feature customer reviews and testimonials for each project to help turn leads into new clients and increase your revenue.

Financing Success

One of the most difficult aspects in the building and renovation process is managing finances and transparent conversations about what a client can afford. Myers offers MOSAIC in the Advantage + Program to make sure you are financially protected and you’re offering the most competitive financing for clients.

MOSAIC offers simplified financing for home improvement projects and can increase sales, helping you sell larger projects and get paid faster.

Roughly 75% of homeowners don’t have more than $10,000 to spend but they can afford a reasonable monthly payment option. MOSAIC offers financing support with instant credit checks and online document signing, which allows you to close sales quickly.

Keep Track of Progress On- and Off Site

With JobProgress, you won’t have to worry about workflow. This mobile app tracks workflow anywhere and at any time, allowing you to retain focus on quality, profitability, productivity and relationships at all times.

JobProgress gives you access to a fully customizable job and workflow manager, employee manager, customer relationship manager, online sales, marketing capabilities, quick estimating and scheduling functions.

The Advantage + Program was made with you in mind and contains more tools that will set you apart from the rest. To learn more about the Myers Advantage + Program, contact your Myers representative today.