Spruce Up Any Room with These Moulding Tips

Is your client looking to update the interior design of their home without going over budget? Simple moulding can transform a room and add character around baseboards, windows, doors and ceilings – all at an affordable price.

At Myers, we offer a variety of moulding combinations to enhance any residential or commercial project. Before you get started on a project, keep the following in mind.

Moulding Makes the Everyday Stand Out

When used correctly, moulding can make any room look special. Sometimes the transition from ceiling to wall can be harsh. To create a smooth look with an elegant flair, add crown moulding. This will add a charming and luxurious feel to any room while eliminating any gaps. Use the same moulding throughout the home to create a flawless transition from room to room.

Don’t forget about the doors and windows! Casing moulding and trim elements will give doors and windows life, while providing a framed and neat look.

Find Functional or Flashy Looks

Choosing the correct moulding type is just as important as having the correct size. The three main types are; primary trim, design enhancing trim and decorative trim.

Primary trim is considered the most functional. While covering gaps between two different surfaces, it also provides a decorative design.

Looking for a way to add depth to a room? Adding design enhancing trim, such as a chair rail around a dining room, will do that plus bring a sense of style. Try adding panel moulding or architraves to provide an extra touch to walls and entry-ways.

Most homeowners will use decorative trim to add detail to their home. Decorative trim provides a distinct design and pattern that dresses up plain spaces. The most common decorative trim used for interior spaces are corner blocks, plinth blocks and rosettes.

Measure Twice; Cut As Little As Possible

Selecting moulding that fits your clients’ style is important, but don’t forget another basic step: Properly measuring each length of wall in a room. Having the dimensions in hand will help your client choose moulding that complements the room and avoid return trips for more supplies.

Moulding comes in different sizes and can always be trimmed to fit a space. But here’s another pro-tip – for larger rooms, select a longer moulding length to avoid cutting and piecing together individual pieces. You’ll get a more cohesive look from end to end. And consider bringing a few extra pieces, just in case of waste cuts.

Interested in learning more about Myers millwork and moulding options? We have partnered with the leading millwork manufacturers to provide clients with a variety of options. Call your local Myers location to schedule a tour of our showroom.