Flooring Trends 2019

If you can see light coming through your wood floorboards from the basement, or you have footprints embedded in your Linoleum, it may be time for a new floor. Of course, like any other home improvement project, it can be rather daunting given all the choices available. Since most homeowners only replace their floors every 20 years, you might as well select a style and color that is currently popular. Here are the latest hardwood flooring trends.

Beware of Dog

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a new floor is the durability based on your family’s lifestyle and foot traffic throughout your home. Flooring manufacturers are addressing these concerns with pet and kid-friendly products. Waterproof vinyl and laminate floors are not only durable but beautiful, with a wide variety of looks, textures and colors to choose from.

While porcelain, ceramic and natural stone flooring, continue to remain excellent choices due to their natural durability and beauty, carpet has seen major advances over the past few years. Fiber technology has resulted in permanent, built-in stain protection that won’t wear or wash off, making it easier to clean. Prefinished hardwood flooring has multiple wear and finish layers that protect and enhance the beauty and feel of natural wood. Now homeowners can have flooring options that are virtually stain and water resistant.

Looking Good

You don’t have to settle for the real thing to get the look you want anymore. How about porcelain tile that simulates wood planks or concrete? Luxury Vinyl Tile (VCT) that looks like old, wood barn flooring, or laminate floors that mimic tile or natural stone, are just a few of the faux looks trending in 2019.

Color My World

Many shades of gray are still popular, along with whitewash and blonde. The dark espresso flooring color is still in demand with its loyal fans. Another hardwood flooring trend on the rise is dark and light variation for plank flooring.

Mix it Up

Wider, random planks in wood, vinyl, laminate and porcelain tile make your rooms look larger and can bring the room together. Pebble and river stone pattern tile bring a natural outdoor feeling to your indoor spaces. In many urban factory apartment or townhouse restorations iron, metallic and concrete looks are popular, along with real or faux wood planking styles. Wide color variations throughout the width of flooring planks create a unique look, while Herringbone and diagonal layouts give your room a distinct and modern look.

Rough & Ready

Distressed, hand-scraped and wire-brushed floors, in wood, vinyl, laminate and porcelain tile are very popular again this year. With farmhouse and urban contemporary styles leading the way, textures simulating older, rustic floors are definitely trending.

To sum it up, the selections of flooring are endless and everyone’s tastes are different, so find a flooring product that meets the durability and low maintenance requirements for your lifestyle. Decide on the flooring you love to look at and can live with for the next 20 years.