Customer Financing – A Necessary Tool for Every Contractor

How to Grow Sales and Get Paid Faster

Did you know that the average consumer does not have more than $10,000 in savings? So, choosing to upgrade their home is a big decision. According to BusinessWire, 76% of consumers are more likely to make a large purchase if a simple payment plan is offered, which is why you should be considering payment option offerings to help your customers complete their new renovations.

Read on to learn the benefits for contractors and homeowners in using Mosaic financing through the Myers Advantage+ Program.

Tools for Growth

Myers’ Advantage+ Program offers a variety of business solutions designed just for contractors like you to get your jobs done even faster while growing your sales. Many of the tools, like lead conversion tracking, website development, training and education, are designed to make our contractors’ lives easier. Some services, like financing through Mosaic, directly benefit the homeowners as well while helping you grow your sales and ensuring payment.

Mosaic is a flexible financing lending company for home improvements to help contractors deliver the best work at the best budget for their clients. With Mosaic, homeowners can better understand their financing options and projected payment plans.

Choose Mosaic

From roofing, window and door replacements to kitchen and bath remodels, Mosaic covers a wide variety of competitive loan products allowing homeowner to finance renovations.

Eligible homeowners can access financing that brings them one step closer to their dream home and allows the contractors to increase the sale, close larger deals, and have confidence in their incoming revenue.

Do you have clients interested in green energy? Mosaic specializes in solar energy systems and home battery financing.

Features & Benefits

Myers continues to work with Mosaic for their dedication to contractors and homeowners. The benefits Mosaic offers are more user-friendly and faster than your typical lending company.

Features and benefits that are included in the Advantage+ Program:

  • Rapid credit approvals
  • Intuitive point-of-sale platform
  • Low annual percentage rates
  • Loans up to $55,000
  • In-home presentations for quick closing
  • Manageable monthly payments
  • Online document signing
  • Instant credit checks

Mosaic’s financing tool is built for all mobile devices and eliminates paperwork with an interactive payment estimator so you can quote and get paid faster. The mobile app allows contractors to sign paperwork in the home of their clients, making the turnaround time from project approval to start date even shorter.

Contact a Myers specialist today to enroll or sign up for the Advantage+ Program and start improving your bottom line.