Custom Kitchen Cabinet Renovations

Are you looking to redo your kitchen but don’t want to break the bank on cabinets? We have the solution that allows you to have the wide cabinetry option without going over your budget.

Dwelling Cabinet Company offers cabinetry solutions that will transform the average kitchen workspace at an affordable price. Enjoy a selection of cabinetry that is custom-made with exclusive material selections that are paired with a modern feel. With a variety of colors and styles, you will find cabinets that will complete any home renovation.

Cabinetry Storage

We are always looking for ways to increase storage space while eliminating the feeling of clutter. Wall cabinet and base cabinet storage will allow you to have everything at your fingertips while being organized. These storage solutions provide easy access while reducing time spent searching for items. Cook with a wide variety of spices and ingredients? Elevate your storage with tall cabinet storage that allows a space for storage with less time bending and reaching for items.

Decorative Hardware

Small details and finishes like knobs and appliance pulls can help bring the cabinet renovation completely together. You can have the best of both worlds if you are unsure if you wanted all knobs or pulls. Mixing and matching knobs, pulls and finishes will help create your own personal style with a hardware that will complement the entire home. It is important to take into consideration your choice in door style, drawer front details and the interior finishes of the rest of the room when deciding on the hardware and finishing.

Dwelling Cabinet Co. Series

Dwelling offers three product series allowing you to choose between your most desired cabinetry features and construction details while offering consistency of door styles between each series. 

DC Series provides custom cabinetry that is handcrafted by artisans of the trade. This series allows you to create the style you are looking for and allowing you the ability to change the details on the door profile, center panel or combining specifics from one door to another. Have a color swatch you want for cabinets? The Dwelling Cabinet experts will produce the color you are looking for.

DFA Series will bring a sophisticated design with sleek storage to any room. This series offers more square inches of storage and materials to create a modern design. In this series, you will find availability of a wide range of cabinetry that is trending and up-to-date with materials and door styles.

DSC Series allows for a semi-custom cabinet with over 40 modifications. Combining up to five DC Series custom cabinets with DSC will allow you to create the cabinetry of your dreams. A color can change the perspective of the room and the color you choose, from any national paint manufacturer, can be used in the room for the millwork.

At Myers, we teamed up with the leading cabinetry brands to offer a wide range of door styles, wood species, finished and price points to meet the needs of our customers. Our cabinetry specialists can help provide you and your client with a design and layout and can give you a tour of our interactive showroom. Visit us today to learn more about Dwelling Cabinetry Company and our other products and services.