4 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Hang-Ups with Home Improvement Projects

White kitchen with fruit on the counter

The holidays are upon us and I am sure everyone is anxious to wrap up as many home improvement projects as possible before turkeys get carved and families travel to visit loved ones.

The holidays are stressful enough, major kitchen or bath renovations don’t need to add more tension. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you and your clients survive home renovation projects, especially over the holidays.


  • The Timeline

    When you sign a contract with a client, make sure you account for and include enough extra days or weeks to cover any issues that may occur, even with your best laid plans. If the project is scheduled to start and finish before the holidays, consider contingency plans like ensuring the stove, or other cooking and food prep areas, are hooked up and usable, if you become unable to hit your finish date.

  • Be Honest

    From the beginning, be honest and transparent with your client. Don’t sugarcoat things that may cause angst to a client. For example, explain to them the amount of dust that comes with home improvement projects. Be sure your client fully understands any discomforts that may arise during the project process.

  • Plan Ahead

    Since most home renovation projects are 15 to 20 percent over budget, the initial design, planning and selection of products are critical to keep the project on time and on budget. Since time is money, delays are killers. This causes budget overruns and worst of all, a later project finish date. Avoid this with robust early stage project planning.

  • Constant Communication

    Communication is the key when working in someone’s home. Have daily conversations with the homeowner to discuss what was completed that day, and what is going to happen tomorrow. Be honest, if a product is back-ordered or a sub-contractor is off schedule, let them know, and do the best to work around it.


In the end, being transparent about all things surrounding a home improvement project and offering professional solutions to your clients will make them customers for life, and a great source for referrals. If you’re currently in the holiday crunch, bring your clients to a conveniently located Myers Building Product Specialists showroom to get ideas, or make those important product selections early in the project process, to avoid delays later. Don’t let that project get the best of you, contact Myers today to keep you on track.