Prep Your Clients for Harsh Weather with All Weather Siding

How to Weatherproof Homes at any Budget

Winter is coming and that means harsh weather is right around the corner. Extreme weather conditions can severely damage homes if they’re not properly protected.

Choosing the right exterior protection can help homeowners keep winter utility bills low and families warm. Alternatively, exterior updates can increase curb appeal and help minimize long-term home maintenance costs. All appealing investments to the homeowner – creating sales opportunities for your business.

At Myers, we believe in helping you support your clients with the best solutions, which is why we’ve partnered with the industry’s leading siding brands, like LP SmartSide. Read on to learn more about LP SmartSide all-weather siding.

Proactive Protection with LP SmartGuard Siding

With unpredictable weather in the forecast, your clients need to be prepared for rain, high winds and snowstorms. The best way to protect their homes is by updating the exterior with all-weather siding.

When you recommend siding updates to your customers, you can also prepare them for any related home maintenance issues that could arise during the winter season. Dry rot and moisture creeping into homes are two of the most common problems hidden by old siding. If not spotted early enough, these issues can affect the integrity of the interior and foundation of the home.

With LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products, your clients won’t have to worry about moisture sneaking into their home. The engineered technology will provide the necessary protection against hail wind, moisture, fungal decay and termites.

Products that Stand the Test of Time

LP SmartSide’s treatment process combines four components of resin, overlay, zinc borate and waxes. This protection adds strength while allowing trim and siding products to withstand significant impacts, high humidity, fungal decay and freeze and thaw cycles.

Typically, siding can stand up against the freeze and thaw cycles, but not all can be installed during a cold patch. Some products installed during lower temperatures may crack during installation or expand during warmer temperatures, resulting in significant repairs around joints and windows. With the advanced durability and stability of LP SmartSide siding products, installations can be completed in the lowest of temperatures without risk of cracking or extreme expansion.

At Myers, our roofing and siding specialists work with you to find the best products to recommend to your clients. Updated siding can be time-intensive and costly for your customers, so we only carry the best to make your job easier and your customer’s investment a wise one.

Contact Myers today to find out more about products we carry and how to make the best recommendations to your clients before unpredictable weather causes any damage.